The rolling pin

Trilby Jeeves, Ile-du-Prince Édouard, 2020, 10 min.

Life is pretty good with Noanie, her husband Richard, and their daughter, Rose. Cette une belle vie. Lively, homey, and full of baked goods. But, life changes, evolves. Rose grows up, becomes a single mom. Richard becomes ill. Rose’s son David experiences the malicious world of bullying teens. Concurrently, an aging Noanie loses her willpower when Richard dies. When grief takes hold, a new phase is born. A phase that is uncomfortable, challenging, but has opportunity for beautiful growth. Sandwiched between her two troubled loved ones, and dealing with her own grief at the loss of her Dad, Rose searches for an idea that might restore morale in both her Mum and her son. A memory flares up, Noanie and David’s shared love of cooking. Will it work?

Dates de diffusion en ligne: du 4 au 14 février 2021