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The Festival membership card is mandatory in BC to have access to the screenings.

First, you have to register and create your free account on Eventive, the system will recognize your address when you’ll log in. To play a film or to attend a live event, even the free programs, you will need to enter the code given to you when you purchase the mandatory membership card ($3) for the Festival. Note that you don’t need to have a membership card to watch the trailers or messages.

All customer payment info is submitted securely to the payment processor, Stripe. 

The membership card is included if you buy a pass or mini-pass.

Contact us if you have more questions, and don’t hesitate to give us feedback!

BC Consumer ACT
  • Visions Ouest Productions is responsible for operating in compliance with the Motion Picture Act and Consumer Protection BC.
  • To attend a Visions Ouest Productions film screening (which may not have been classified by Consumer Protection BC), you must be a Visions Ouest Productions Festival member.
  • Membership is by annual subscription and is limited to persons who are 18 years of age or over.
  • Only members are permitted to be present at the place where a non-classified film is being exhibited.
  • Visions Ouest Productions mandate is the encouragement and appreciation of motion pictures as a medium of art, information or education.